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Curriculum Inspiration and Workbooks


Marine Science can be complicated! Amazing educators can find themselves spreading common misconceptions to the keenest students.

Specialist topics like marine science are becoming more and more popular for home and classroom teaching.

Engaging themed units, like ‘oceans’ and ‘dinosaurs’, are a fantastic way to help kids learn whilst having fun. But we haven’t all had the opportunities to learn these subjects for ourselves.

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No need to worry, there are no common misconceptions here! 

Marine Science for Kids was written by a marine scientist with over 10 years of experience. These workbooks will be a great foundation for oceanography, marine biology and ocean conservation.  


Inspiration from the ocean is easy to find. It’s an inspiring topic!

But what should be introduced at what age, and in what order?! Check out the Learning Zone for ideas for lessons, activities, field trips and videos to watch. There’s even more on Jenni’s pinterest pages.


Do you want your kids to learn marine science from a marine scientist? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place! To find out more about the author check out the author’s page.

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