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About Me

I am a marine scientist, ecologist, and amateur photographer, originally from Scotland, now based in Suffolk. A fascination for what’s under the surface has led me to a career in marine research as well as to spending my free time exploring the natural world both in the UK and abroad.



At work, my speciality is in the benthic habitats of the UK. Originally my work focused on the impacts of temperature changes on sole and plaice but this has broadened to include knowledge of demersal species and their habitats around the UK, their assessments, and the development of monitoring techniques. Since 2017, I have been focusing on the benthic fauna of the English Channel, South West Approach and the Celtic as well as the development of artificial neural networking (ANN) for analysing multibeam data.


Details of published work can be found on my google scholar page and researchgate profile.

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MSc Imperial College London, Ecology Evolution and Conservation, 2010-2011.


BSc University of Aberdeen, Marine Biology, 2006 – 2010.



CIEEM Associate Member


CIEEM Marine and Coastal Special

Interest Group Member


Suffolk Naturalist Society Member


Volunteer Work

I have a keen interest in ecology and I am a member of the CIEEM Marine and Coastal Special Interest Group and Suffolk Naturalist Society. I occasionally contribute articles to the Suffolk Naturalist White Admiral publication and organise webinars with a marine theme for the Marine and Coastal SIG. Additionally, I have also contributed records to the local records centres and attended local bio blitz for natural recording.

Conferences & Working Groups


November 2011, 8th International Flatfish Symposium, Norfolk and Suffolk Marine Protected Areas Evidence Conference, Ijmuiden, The Netherlands. Presenting ‘Shifts in the timing of spawning in sole linked to warming sea temperatures'.


June 2015, Norfolk and Suffolk Marine Protected Areas Evidence Conference, Norwich, UK. Organise & Host.


April 2018, ICES WKMLEARN, Copenhagen, Denmark. Presenting ‘Developing the use of Convolution Neural Networking for identifying benthic habitats'.

Calm Sea
Aerial View of Beach
Journal Publications 


Fincham, Jennifer I., Adriaan D. Rijnsdorp, and Georg H. Engelhard. "Shifts in the timing of spawning in sole linked to warming sea temperatures." Journal of Sea Research 75 (2013): 69-76.


Fincham, Jennifer I., and Jon Barry. "The use of linear mixed effects models to investigate local adaptation in marine fish subpopulations: case study, changing spawning times of common sole (Solea solea)." ICES Journal of Marine Science 76.7 (2019): 2297-2304.


Fincham, Jennifer I., Alessio Veneziano, and Jim R. Ellis. "The influence of natural and anthropogenic factors on demersal fauna in the western English Channel and Celtic Sea." Journal of Sea Research 165 (2020): 101956.


Jennifer I Fincham, Christian Wilson, Jon Barry, Stefan Bolam, Geoffrey French. “Developing the use of convolutional neural networking in benthic habitat classification and species distribution modelling”. ICES Journal of Marine Science (2020).



Jenni loves to travel in her spare time and documents her travels through photography and filming. Starting with a very simple 3-week solo trip around Europe in 2012, Jenni has since used her free time to explore the UK and further afield. To find out more go to her youtube channel.

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